GNC Collagen plus Hyaluronic Acid, 180 Caplets, Supports Healthy Skin, Hydration and Elasticity, plus Vitamin C
GNC Collagen plus Hyaluronic Acid, 180 Caplets, Supports Healthy Skin, Hydration and Elasticity, plus Vitamin C
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Gnc women's collagen plus hyaluronic acid (ha) is expertly formulated with a blend of ingredients to support beautiful skin from within to nourish the skin and support healthy skin structure*.
collagen to support healthy skin structure* hyaluronic acid to help maintain skin elasticity & hydration* vitamin c for antioxidant protection and immune support* gluten free, no sugar, no artificial flavors, no soy, no dairy, no wheat, no corn beautiful skin from within formulated by the experts at gnc to nourish your skin from within and support healthy skin structure plus skin protection, hydration and repair*.
The power collagen + hyaluronic acid featuring a powerful combination that includes two beauty favorites - collagen and hyaluronic acid (ha), this formula is designed to support youthful skin elasticity & hydration, plus the structure of healthy skin*.
Your skin's secret weapon as we age, collagen synthesis declines, which may contribute to signs of aging, which is why collagen is known as the beautiful skin protein*.
Gnc women's collagen is expertly crafted with a blend of hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid plus vitamin c to provide powerful antioxidant protection against cell aging*.
Trust over 85 years of science-backed success since 1935, gnc has been committed to meeting the highest standards of quality, safety and efficacy so you can live well and live beautifully.
Gnc beauty basics gnc’s line of beauty basics features a comprehensive assortment of essentials to support beauty-from-within through superior nutrition and expertly crafted formulations.
Our beauty basics solutions are designed to support beautiful hair, skin, & nails, strong hair, skin protection & repair, skin elasticity & hydration, and more so you can choose customized solutions that support your individual health needs and beauty goals*.
Our innovations also feature a variety of unique, fun, and effective delivery formats, including Tablets, Capsules, Gummies, Soft Chews, and Kits so you can choose your ideal way to live beautifully!*
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